Edda Customer Deep Dive:
3CC | Third Culture Capital

We sat down with Julien Pham, Founder & Managing Partner at Third Culture Capital (3CC) to learn more about how Edda has helped 3CC’s growth.

Third Culture Capital (3CC) was launched with a profound commitment to fostering diversity, innovation, and health equity. The organisation is founded on the premise that at the intersection of these values lies the potential to revolutionise global healthcare delivery.

3CC envisions a world where health equity is not just an ideal, but an everyday reality. They firmly assert that innovation should be synonymous with equity. The core mission of 3CC is to narrow the gap in healthcare disparities by leveraging the power of diversity in all its forms.


Boston, MA

Investment focus:

Healthcare, Human Capital, Financial Capital

Company type:

Venture Capital & Private Equity Principals

At 3CC, they recognise that genuine innovation and progress emerge from embracing a wide spectrum of perspectives. They celebrate diversity of thought, identity, and experience, understanding that individuals from various backgrounds bring unparalleled insights and resilience to the table. 3CC firmly believes that these exceptional individuals are the visionaries and founders of tomorrow, ready to create pioneering solutions that will elevate global healthcare delivery.

100% of CEOs

fit into unique diversity and equity categories

“It’s never easy being a first-time fund manager. You have to learn about the industry, and you have to build relationships with partners and service providers. An important aspect of being organised and disciplined is having a good CRM. We tried several, and I stumbled upon Edda.

It was a really good fit for us in terms of all the bells and whistles we were looking for. Being a newer solution in the ecosystem, they understood what we were going through as a first-time fund manager. It’s helpful to be with people who understand what it takes to build something from scratch.""

Julien Pham - Founder & Managing Partner - 3CC

“Using Edda, we’ve been able to get pitches from anyone who can relate to the Third Culture mindset, and it’s been great.”

Overcoming the Challenges of a First-Time Fund

"The way we are using the platform is to involve all of our venture partners in the screening process. Edda gives an opportunity to involve a lot of people, to see the deals, comments, and contribute to screening deals. The platform gives the opportunity for venture partners to introduce deals to our deal flow."

Equalizing Access to Capital

"Because we care so much about diversity in the sense of equity, one of the biggest issues for founders is access to capital. Not all founders have the privilege of getting warm introductions to the who’s who in venture capital. We’ve been deliberate in putting a web form on our website so anyone can access or pitch to 3CC.

Using Edda, we’ve been able to get pitches from anyone who can relate to the Third Culture mindset, and it’s been great. We care a lot about the populations that are typically underrepresented, and we see a large number of founders who are women, people of colour, and first generation immigrants coming to us because they understand what we’re trying to build, and relate to our philosophy.

Edda has always been very responsive to our comments, and it comes from their DNA. With Edda being a younger company, they understand what it takes to build something that fits. They’re really listening, and I appreciate that."

Finally, we wanted to get Julien’s insights into the future of the VC landscape…

"It’s going to be a lot more democratised. We are seeing a lot of emerging managers who think differently and have different and more “interesting” networks than those from the incumbency. As the saying goes, “we stand on the shoulder of giants” and have certainly learned and continue to learn a lot from the past generation of VCs. But today, there are new founders developing radical approaches to innovation, and you need to have a fresh outlook from this side of the table. VC is going to be more global, with so much new technology, and how we combine technologies, business models, and new markets to build innovations. We need people who come from different walks of life and different sets of experience to truly understand innovation and what the future looks like for equitable healthcare delivery.

While people cared about health in the past, the pandemic has made clear the need to reshape healthcare delivery. There could be a lot more healthcare at home and more solutions that are put in the hands of patients and providers in more convenient or practical ways. Combining tech and AI into solutions that fit into our day-to-day life - we call it workflow in healthcare - will really be transformative in how we deliver healthcare globally. Importantly, it also democratises it.

There will never be a lack of innovation in healthcare; we need new medicines, and new solutions, to address really critical problems. I’m excited for the next generations of founders who are not just reimagining, but pioneering the healthcare of tomorrow”.

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