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Directed by humans and driven by technology, Edda allows you to see the big picture so you can take your dealflow management to the next level.

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  • Screen more deals in less time through accelerated due diligence.
  • Expand your fund visibility with online deal submission forms.
  • Map connections between companies, LPs, and Partners.
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  • Automate your workflow with tasks and reminders
  • Optimize your funnel for peak efficiency
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  • Sync tasks directly in your calendar
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How to Choose the Best Dealflow Management Software to

Simplify Your Dealflow and Close
Deals Faster in 2023

As an investor, there’s a lot riding on the deals you make -- and the ones you turn down. Your LPs have placed their trust in you -- and they have big expectations. So, when it comes to investing, every tool, tactic or technique that can give you a competitive edge must be on the table. In today’s tech-driven world, deal management software can do just that, by helping you identify more deals and close them sooner on better terms.

Incredibly in today’s modern investment world, many funds invest billions yet still rely on Excel spreadsheets and hacked together systems. To put it simply, managing your firm without a deal flow solution is like plowing a field by hand, while everyone else is using a combine harvester.

But, as we’re sure you’ve discovered, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing VC and PE portfolio management tools. After all, you have to be able to trust them with potentially billions of investor dollars.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right venture capital software for your firm, so you can source more deals, manage your due diligence process, improve your decision-making, more easily manage your portfolio, strengthen relationships with your investors, and more.

What is Deal Flow

As the name suggests, deal management software is purpose-built technology that helps private equity and venture capital firms more effectively and efficiently organize dealflow, manage the due diligence process and close deals on better terms.

As any investor knows, investing is a complex, non-linear and time-consuming process. It’s multifaceted, data-rich and critically reliant on decision making. Deal software acts as the backbone for your firm’s deal management process. It makes it more structured, informed and accurate, so that investors can source better deals, optimize the due diligence process and make better decisions.

A deal flow management tool is an all-in-one solution that allows firms to manage all the different stages of investment deals, including deal sourcing, pipeline and portfolio management, sales management, fundraising, due diligence, and more.

Why Use Deal Management Software in Your VC Fund?

There are few operations as complex as managing an investment firm. It depends on countless data points, relationships, decisions and sophisticated financial modeling and management.

Surprisingly, much of the industry still takes a legacy approach that involves endless Excel spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, calendar reminders and overly stretched human capital. A deal flow solution takes this highly manual, time-consuming approach and converts it into a systematized process that connects the full investment life cycle and firm management from top to bottom.

Is it possible to manage your firm without deal management software? Yes. But it’s also possible to get to the otherside of the world by ship in 3 weeks instead of a plane overnight, but why would you? So here are the top benefits of using deal management in your firm.

Your dealflow is the lifeblood of your firm. Investor funds flow to funds with the best dealflow. Deal software enshrines the steps of your dealflow and deal sourcing processes into a systematized, repeated formula, eliminating the reliance on ad hoc processes, spreadsheets and emails.

Deal flow software helps you better manage your dealflow, enabling you to:

  • Build a more collaborative deal origination team
  • Increase visibility across departments and teams
  • Codify and implement your attractive deal signals
  • More accurately assess deal opportunities
  • Make faster, more informed decisions

It doesn’t matter the quality of the deals you see if you don’t have the requisite capital to invest. As an investor, you know that the art of fundraising is reliant on relationships, past success and your ability to sell your fund’s vision. With all its moving parts, the fundraising process can quickly become messy and convoluted.e. Deal flow management software moves the fundraising process out of inboxes, scribbled notes and spreadsheets, converting it to a highly optimized, methodical approach.

Managing fundraising using deal software enables you to:

  • Clearly define your fund strategy to attract investors who align with it
  • Get clear on your target investors based on preferences, risk appetite and investment capacity
  • Consolidate marketing materials for a more organized pitch process
  • Establish and update fundraising timelines to track progress
  • Set your fund’s legal structure and terms and conditions
  • Track funding coming into your fund and close it once fully subscribed

Your firm’s due diligence process is multifaceted and fundamental to your success. Deal software enables you to undertake all forms of due diligence -- financial, commercial, operational, legal, tax, ESG, and others -- so you can assess more deals in less time with higher accuracy.

  • Consolidated research and analysis
  • Assessment against defined investment criteria
  • Market and industry research, competitive benchmarking
  • Legal and regulatory documentation
  • Collaboration with external advisors

Your deal pipeline contains multiple, distinct steps. Each with the potential to make or break a deal. Deal flow pipeline software increases the odds of reaching the end goal you set for each deal by, once again, systematizing the identification, evaluation and management of the deals you source.

In doing so, you’ll increase the discipline behind your decisions, removing emotions and uniformed hypotheses from the process. Dealflow software improves the management of the entire pipeline lifecycle, from sourcing right through to your ultimate investment decision.

Once you hand over the check, then comes the task of managing your portfolio so you and your LPs have clear insights into company and fund performance. Robust portfolio management functionality makes this process more efficient and effective. The best portfolio management platforms enable your to:

Monitor portfolio value and track performance based on detailed metrics
See how your current portfolio aligns with your investment focus
Calculate IRR of funds and companies
Simplify valuations and compare portfolio companies side-by-side
Automatically calculate your NAV, DPI, TVPI.

With the push-button insights it provides, deal flow software makes reporting the status of your fund far more simple -- internally with your team and externally with LPs and GPs. Get real-time updates on key aspects like invested amounts, share of ownership, operational KPIs and the latest board output.
As a firm that provides clear, in-depth reporting to your investors, you’ll offer an uncommon level or transparency that breeds trust with your LPs and GPs. Simplified reporting enables your to:

  • Use real-time investment metrics to provide detail-rich investor updates
  • Easily communicate fund performance, investment activities, and all material developments
  • More easily compile quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Make meetings with investors and committees more informed through in-depth data

Manage Dealflow in Real-time

More Effective Fundraising

Improved Due Diligence

Seamless Pipeline Management

Optimized Portfolio Management

Simplified, InDepth Reporting

What Features Should You Look for in Deal Management Software?

Deal software comes in many shapes. There’s venture capital deal flow software. Then there’s private equity deal management software. And then you’ll also find all-in-one PE and venture capital software solutions that cater to the complexities of all forms of investing.

As a VC firm, there are core features the deal flow pipeline software you choose must have. Let’s take a look at them.

The Best Deal
Management Software
Solutions Available

There are a handful of robust deal management solutions available. And no two are alike. As mentioned earlier, there’s VC portfolio management software and private equity deal flow software, each of which can come with subtle differences.
So when making a decision about adopting deal software in your firm, it’s important that you know the functionality you need and which solution can deliver on it. You need to be sure that you have the right deal management software for your firm’s investment approach.

- The Most
Complete Dealflow

With $30 billion managed through its platform in 90-plus countries, it’s clear why Edda is the deal software of choice for many leading firms. Edda is built on the core principle of enhanced visibility at all stages of the investment process. This unparalleled transparency allows you to see the status, impact and value of your investments in real-time.

Edda is truly an end-to-end solution for investment firms that unifies your team and operations. Where Edda also stands out is the fact that it’s designed as one of the few platforms that is both private equity and venture capital deal flow software.

Edda’s PE and VC portfolio management tools bring deal origination, the due diligence process, portfolio management, partner communications, and every other aspect of deal-making into a single all-in-one solution. Better yet, Edda is one of the few platforms that provides a mobile app, catering to the increased reliance on smartphones in today’s investment world.

Top Features:

Dealflow & portfolio management

Relationship management CMR

CRM Workflow automations

Accelerated due diligence

LP Portal

Mobile App

Simple integrations

Enterprise-grade security (SOC2)

Keep Your Dealroom Humming with a Deal Flow Management Tool

The reality is if you choose to run your firm without a deal flow management tool, you are placing yourself at a significant disadvantage. That’s because deal flow management software improves dealflow, optimizes your due diligence process, enhances portfolio management, strengthens relationships and optimizes fundraising. In short, deal software takes all the core principles of investing and elevates them.

If you want to be a VC fund or PE firm that LPs want to work with, then a deal management platform is non-negotiable in today’s modern investment world. Today’s investors want not just the best dealflow and highest returns but a good experience that’s built on trust and transparency. And that’s exactly what PE and venture capital software tools deliver.






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