VCs invest billions in technology that will change the world. And yet they still use basic spreadsheets.

To create the future,

you need to see it need to see it first.

Our mission is
to change how
investments are
made and tracked.

Edda is a solution that empowers investors to make the right decisions, and to do it faster than ever before. Investment firms all over the world, with every industry focus, use Edda.

Your operations, enhanced.Your operations, enhanced.
Your operations, enhanced.Your operations, enhanced.

Edda brings the entire investment process together to unify your team and operations to make the most of their work.

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Your Portfolio could be history in the making.

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  • Over $22 billion USD

    Assets under administration, and growing every day.

  • Active in 90 countries

    Spanning across 5 continents, Edda adapts to every investment team.

  • 5 Applications

    With our Dealflow, Portfolio Management, LP Portal, Documents, and Contacts apps your team will be fully covered.

  • 150+ funds managed

From classic VCs to the world’s largest investment banks.

Hundreds of funds spanning around the world use Edda to manage and grow their portfolio.