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Created by VCs for VCs, Edda has revolutionised the venture capital investment space. Edda replaces Excel spreadsheets and data overload to simplify the complicated and cut through the noise. Our mission is to reshape investment management, so that you always stay ahead of the curve.

Greatness needs a new perspective
Edda brings a new level of transparency and efficiency to investment management
Our venture capital software is designed for people who want to streamline their deal flow and investment management process, all while gaining valuable insights from their data.

Streamline Your Investment Management

Edda eliminates multiple systems by providing a single, comprehensive platform for your team. Our venture capital software streamlines data management, making tracking, analysis, and informed decision-making simple and curated. Let us help you optimise your time and stay informed.

Insightful Design for Maximum Results

Edda’s intuitive design makes it easy to see the full potential in your deal pipeline, highlighting key elements that others might miss. Advanced analytics, customisable dashboards, and real-time updates gives your team the most valuable information, allowing them to make the best decisions for your investment portfolio.

Effortless Growth, Limitless Possibilities

Edda streamlines data management and automates reporting, freeing you and your team to focus on what really matters: your investments. Experience effortless growth with a platform designed for people in the modern age of investment management.

Edda has completely changed the way we discuss the status of our portfolio companies. We use Edda as a reference tool during our meetings to have quick access to data, and have integrated Edda into our full team to help accurately communicate information to our LPs.

Louis Sutre

Caphorn Invest

We are truly happy with Edda and how the platform enables us to better monitor our performance and report to our stakeholders. Our Edda team also provides exceptional customer service and support, something we highly value.

Lise Fulland

Startup lab

Edda has improved and organized my teams daily work activities including analyzing portfolio and investment performance, presenting data to our partners and communicating with our companies.

Fabrice Grinda

FJ Labs


Take control of your investments with ease. Learn how Edda can be a complete solution for the future of your portfolio management.

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