Venture Capital & Private Equity


Edda brings a new level of transparency and efficiency to investment management
Our venture capital software is designed for people who want to streamline their deal flow and investment management process, all while gaining valuable insights from their data.

Centralised Investment Management

Edda consolidates investment data into one platform, improving accuracy and eliminating multiple systems. Our venture capital software provides a comprehensive view of your portfolio for better tracking, analysis, and decision-making.

Insightful Design for Maximum Results

Our slick design provides access to advanced analytics and fully customisable dashboards, while real-time updates mean no more manual data entry. Make better informed investment decisions with the latest company information and trends in venture capital.

Efficiency and Automation

We streamline data management, automate reporting, and optimise your processes. With Edda’s Dealflow software, you can screen more deals in less time through accelerated venture capital due diligence. With Portfolio, you can run comparisons of company valuations and instantly calculate IRR. All of this adds up to less time spent on manually compiling data, and more time for your team to focus on the important things.

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Data Insights

Edda collects data from public sources (e.g. Crunchbase, Pitchbook) and private sources (e.g. emails, documents, cloud storage) to provide a complete picture and save you time.

Email Integration

Edda integrates with email and calendars for workflow automation, tracking communication with companies and founders in the platform, and adding events to calendars.

Automated Checklist

Edda's Watchlist portal keeps your team informed of each potential investment's stage and progress, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Complete Centralisation

As a central point for all investment information, Edda keeps LPs up-to-date on deals, generates reports, shares statistics, and stores data and documentation.


Edda is the future of fund management, delivering a smart and collaborative tool for the investors of tomorrow, today. We’ll help you save over 30% of your time, capitalise on existing opportunities, and discover new ones.

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