Edda Customer Deep Dive: AZ-VC

We sat down with Associate Tyler Baldridge to learn more about how Edda has helped AZ-VC’s growth.

AZ-VC is a dynamic and forward-thinking investment firm that plays a pivotal role in the vibrant startup ecosystem of Arizona. Founded in 2021, AZ-VC has quickly made a name for itself as a leading player in venture capital, focusing primarily on nurturing and funding early-stage companies.


Phoenix, AZ

Investment focus:

Proven, post-revenue local companies

Company type:

Venture Capital Fund

With a strong commitment to innovation and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving technology landscape, AZ-VC has successfully launched a substantial fund and leveraged its industry expertise to support the growth and development of startups in the region.

$110 million



Portfolio companies

$2.5-3 million

Average Check Size

“We’ve enjoyed working with smaller vendors that we can grow with. We’re in the business of startups. We were most impressed with Edda, even though there were other larger, more established competitors.”

Tyler Baldridge - Associate - AZ-VC

Streamlined Collaboration & Data Management

“Deaflow is a core function of our job, so it is really important that we have one source of truth to manage it. Things slip when data gets fragmented and that can have a negative impact on our ability to execute. Edda centralises our data and provides a workflow that helps us seamlessly manage our process. The platform is easy to use and collaborative, which allows us to make quick updates and stay aligned as a team.

VC has generally been an ad-hoc-dependent industry, so it’s refreshing to see that we are being served with tools that are tailored to our process.”

Managing Deal Flow & Portfolio Management

“We use Edda for deal flow and portfolio. We found that their whole suite of tools was much more comprehensive. The primary use case is definitely deal flow, although we find it advantageous that once a deal is done, we can drag it over to the portfolio tab to track and keep up with it.’

Challenges Faced Before Edda

“Let’s take a step back… we launched our first fund in 2021, so we are a new fund that initially had a small team, and then suddenly we had a growing team. Our fund ended up at $110m, which is the largest fund in the state of Arizona. We had a lot of work to do and a lot of capital to deploy. With a small team that was planning on growing, it was important for us to predict the pace at which we would be working. We identified that the platform we were using wasn’t going to work.”

“There was a lot of work that needed to be done, and we needed something that could cater to that. The platforms we had seen weren’t user-friendly, and those platforms didn’t understand the venture space. That’s what was compelling for us about Edda. It’s very clear that they understand the industry, and that's what sold us.”

“Edda gave us the perfect blend of configurability which you can personalise and allows us to work within the framework of a product that is specific to venture capital. That was really powerful for us, and we’re glad we made that decision.”

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