Edda or Affinity?

Which is the Better Private Equity Deal Management Software For Managing Your Deal Flow?

So, you’ve made the wise decision to ditch spreadsheets for deal flow management software. And you’ve narrowed down your search to Edda and the Affinity app. Clearly you’ve done your research!

In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive comparison of Edda and Affinity so that you can confidently select the best deal flow software for your needs.

First, Here’s an Overview of Edda and Affinity Software

Edda Dealflow Management Software

Edda brings the entire investment process together in one place. It enables your team to better manage deals and relationships, as well as improving how they collaborate day to day. Edda is founded on the philosophy that increasing visibility at all stages of the investment process leads to stronger relationships and better outcomes.

Edda is designed to be the single deal software you need to manage your firm. From deal origination, deal pipeline management, due diligence, portfolio management, investor crm, Edda deal software streamlines the way you operate and invest.

As a testament to its end-to-end capabilities, more than $30 billion is currently managed through the platform by leading private equity and VC firms in 90-plus countries. Beyond improving how firm’s invest, Edda’s deal software also streamlines daily workflows and operations to support enhanced collaboration.

Affinity CRM for Private Equity

There’s no escaping the fact that investing is built on relationships. And this is at the heart of the Affinity software. The Affinity app is ostensibly a CRM for private equity that enables you to better manage and capitalize on your firm’s network. To back this up, Affinity positions itself as a “360 degree Rolodex” for your firm.

If all you are looking for is a more simple way to manage your contacts, access your network and manage relationships, then the Affinity CRM may be the private equity technology for you. However, if robust dealflow and portfolio management functionality is top of your list, it may pay to look at other solutions as well.

That’s because Affinity tools are very much focused on the relationship side of investing, where other tools, like Edda, take a more comprehensive approach to deal management, that includes deal sourcing, deal tracking, portfolio management, and CRM investor relations functionality.

Edda and Affinity
Software Features
Side by Side

When it comes to selecting a deal flow management tool, features are the No.1 factor behind the decision you make. Simply, you need to know for certain that the deal management software you select has all the features your team needs most.

With this in mind, let’s take a high-level look at the features Edda and Affinity tool features side by side. Note: We’ll dig into each feature in-depth in the next section.


CRM platform

Dealflow&pipeline management

Portfolio management

Workflow automations

Relationship intelligence

Dealmaking insights& Updates

Automated data capture

Accelerated due diligence

Mobile App


Enterprise-grade security(SOC2)

LP Portal

Relationship scores

Contact history

Organize, manage your records

Share Records & Forms

Access Control

Edda Software

Affinity Software

“ The flexibility and customizations that Edda offers and fast response times from Support make this product great! ”

Nicolas Davis — Research Director — Argosy Foundation



The results you get from a deal flow management tool depend squarely on the features it has. What’s more, it’s critical to choose deal flow management software that has the features that align with your firm’s needs, structure, operations and investment approach. So, with this in mind, let’s now take a deep dive into the features that separate Edda and the Affinity app.

CRM platform

Edda is for you if...:

You want a dealflow CRM that connects with the bigger investment picture by interconnecting your relationships, dealflow and portfolio data.

Edda's comprehensive deal flow software features intelligent and robust private equity CRM functionality that simplifies relationship management.  Edda’s private equity CRM software has all the must-have CRM features, like data capture, contact management and relationship insights. Where it really stands out is the ability to communicate directly within the app with LPs, eliminating messy email back-and-forths.

Affinity is for you if...:

You are looking for a pure and simple CRM for private equity that allows you to organize and manage your contacts.

Affinity is first and foremost a CRM for private equity. So it makes sense, then, that the Affinity CRM functionality is one of its strong suits.  The Affinity CRM makes it simple to automatically capture contact information and manage relationships. It’s onboarding process also makes its CRM adoption a relatively smooth process.

Dealflow Management

Edda is for you if...:

You want complete dealflow visibility in one end-to-end deal software from deal origination to deal close. 

If you are looking to manage your dealflow end-to-end in one deal software, then Edda lets you do just that. Edda gives you complete visibility of your deal flow pipeline, from deal origination to deal close. This allows you to optimize your funnel for peak efficiency. You can also seamlessly share deals with partners and advisors inside Edda.

Affinity is for you if...:

You want a CRM-based dealflow management tool that focuses mainly on relationship management.

If all you need is the relationship side of dealflow management, then the Affinity app may be a good fit for you. That’s because Affinity’s dealflow management features are mostly in the context of its CRM functionality. This includes email and calendar interactions being automatically imported so that active conversations can be monitored. 

Relationship intelligence

Edda is for you if...:

You want to automatically map connections to reveal new opportunities and consolidate your whole network in one place.

Edda deals software makes deal tracking simple by enabling you to automatically map connections between companies, LPs, and Partners. With this information, you can connect key players and uncover hidden opportunities for intros and investments.

Affinity is for you if...:

You want to neatly manage your relationships and track connections to make intros easier.

Affinity helps you find opportunities for warm intros by tracking connections between founders, investors and other stakeholders. This makes it easier to make warm intros rather than relying on cold approaches.

Dealmaking Insights & Updates

Edda is for you if...:

You need meaningful data-backed insights that improve investment decisions and returns.

Edda takes a complete approach to getting you dealmaking insights and updates that are designed to improve returns. With Edda, no longer do you have to run manual processes to get the insights you need. Instead, Edda lets you instantly calculate company and fund IRR, surface insights with customisable reporting, and automatically calculate your NAV, DPI, TVPI, and more.

Affinity is for you if...:

You are satisfied with relationship-based reporting that provides interaction-related insights.

Like most of its functionality, Affinity’s dealmaking insights are directly linked to its CRM features. It shows deal information like outreach activity, team makeup and previous funding rounds. If you are looking for high-level, relationship-related deal insights, then the Affinity software can give you this.

Portfolio Management

Edda is for you if...:

Comprehensive portfolio management is a must-have feature of your dealflow software.

To put it simply, managing your portfolio becomes significantly easier and more effective with Edda. The platform’s suite of portfolio management features enable you to access metrics and captables, browse portfolio company news, communicate directly with founders, run side-by-side valuation comparisons, and much more.

Affinity is for you if...:

Managing relationships is most important to you and deeper portfolio data and insights aren’t top priority.

As you may have guessed by now, Affinity’s portfolio management capabilities are a sub-feature of the affinity CRM. Basically, the affinity software lets you manage your portfolio from a communication and relationship standpoint, making it easy to contact and record interactions with portfolio companies.

Workflow Automations

Edda is for you if...:

Your goal is to make your internal processes more efficient and effective to support your fund’s performance.

To put it simply, managing your portfolio becomes significantly easier and more effective with Edda. The platform’s suite of portfolio management features enable you to access metrics and captables, browse portfolio company news, communicate directly with founders, run side-by-side valuation comparisons, and much more.

Affinity is for you if...:

Your focus is on simply managing relationships and the external-facing aspects of deal flow management.

Affinity automates some elements of your workflows related to relationship management, while others will take a little extra human effort. This includes automating contact data capture, importing historical data, and batch manual uploading of events via their data importer tool.

Accelerated Due Diligence

Edda is for you if...:

You want to speed up your due diligence process through deeper analysis, data and automation so you can make correct decisions faster.

Due diligence can be incredibly time-consuming. Edda makes private equity due diligence and venture capital due diligence more efficient through instantly accessible company metrics, industry data and founder and team insights. This allows you to accurately screen more deals in less time.

Affinity is for you if...:

You want to more manually source and consolidate company information as part of your current due diligence processes.

Through the Affinity CRM, you can handle the human-side of due diligence. Through company profiles and communication, you’re able to request and consolidate the information you need as part of your due diligence process. 

LP Portal

Edda is for you if...:

You want to enhance visibility and simplify interactions with your partners by giving them easy access to all the data they need.

Edda’s LP Portal is like having a central dealroom for externally managing your deal flow. Built on full transparency, Edda’s LP portal gives your partners unmatched visibility, improves governance, simplifies reporting, and brings communication and form submissions all into one place. 

Affinity is for you if...:

You are content to manage aspects of your partner relationships through email and other platforms in an ad hoc manner.

Affinity doesn’t come with a like-for-like portal functionality. Instead, communication and reporting is managed as part of its CRM platform, and is therefore more dependent on human effort from your team members.

Edda Pricing
vs Affinity
CRM Pricing

Naturally, when it comes to private equity deal tracking software, price is a consideration. And the cost of your private equity deal flow software must be weighed against the features it provides.

The cost of Edda and the Affinity CRM cost are customized depending on your team’s size and needs. Given this, it’s not possible to go into detail about Edda and Affinity CRM pricing in this article. This can be attained by requesting a demo of Edda or Affinity.

Making a Final Decision :

Why Choose Edda Software
over Affinity Software

The main questions you need to ask yourself when selecting a deal flow software are:
Are you looking for an end-to-end deal management software that features a robust investor crm?

Or are you just after a straight-to-the-point private equity crm for managing your relationships?

If you are looking for a complete way to manage your deal flow pipeline, workflows and investments, rather than just a standalone deal flow crm, then Edda is the best deal management software.

Put simply, Edda offers all the investor crm functionality of Affinity, plus more in-depth features for managing deal origination, deal pipeline, deal tracking and relationship management in a single, intelligent deal flow management tool.






Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheets and messy deal management with edda