Edda or Zapflow?

Which Deal Management Software Best Suits Your Deal Flow and Portfolio Needs?

Steering away from traditional methods and into the domain of specialized investment management software? With Edda and Zapflow’s deal platforms emerging as leading choices, you're certainly advancing towards modern efficiency.

In this guide, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison between Edda and Zapflow, two venture capital portfolio management software solutions, equipping you with the insights required to pinpoint the platform that aligns seamlessly with your unique investment management necessities.

First, Here’s an Overview of Edda and Zapflow Deal Flow Management Tool

Edda Deal Flow Management Software

Edda brings the entire investment process together in one place. It enables your team to better manage deals and relationships, as well as improve how they collaborate day to day. Edda is founded on the philosophy that increasing visibility at all stages of the investment process leads to stronger relationships and better outcomes.

Edda is designed to be the single deal software you need to manage your firm. From deal origination, deal pipeline management, due diligence, and VC portfolio monitoring and management, Edda’s deal software streamlines the way you operate and invest.

As a testament to its end-to-end capabilities, more than $30 billion is currently managed through the platform by leading private equity and VC firms in 90-plus countries. Beyond improving how firms invest, Edda’s deal software also streamlines daily workflows and operations to support enhanced collaboration.

Zapflow Deal Flow Management Software

Zapflow consolidates the entirety of the investment cycle into a unified platform. It empowers your team to oversee deals and relationships more effectively, simultaneously enhancing daily collaboration efforts. Zapflow is built on the belief that transparency throughout the investment cycle fosters robust partnerships and yields superior results.

Zapflow is designed as your firm's all-in-one software solution for deal activities. From deal initiation, pipeline management, and due diligence to portfolio oversight and investor CRM, Zapflow streamlines and refines both your operational and investment processes.

As a reflection of its comprehensive features, over $30 billion is presently overseen via the platform by top-tier private equity and VC entities across 90-plus nations. Not only does Zapflow’s deal software elevate investment strategies, but it also simplifies daily tasks and functions, promoting better teamwork.

Edda and Zapflow Software Features Side by Side

When selecting a deal flow management tool, the most critical consideration is its capabilities. It's vital to choose a system that integrates all the necessary features your team needs.

Considering this, let's compare the functionalities of Edda and Zapflow at a glance. Note: We'll delve deeper into each feature in the subsequent section.


CRM platform

Dealflow&pipeline management

Portfolio management

Workflow automations

Relationship intelligence

Dealmaking insights& Updates

Automated data capture

Mobile App


Enterprise-grade security(SOC2)

LP Portal

Relationship scores

Contact history

Organize and manage your records

Share Records & Forms

Access Control

Edda Software

Zapflow Software

“ Edda has improved and organized my teams daily work activities including analyzing portfolio and investment performance, presenting data to our partners and communicating with our companies.”

FABRICE GRINDA — Founding Partner — FJ LABS



The results you garner from a deal flow management tool hinge on its capabilities. It's vital to choose software that aligns with your firm's needs, organizational structure, operational approaches, and investment strategies. With this perspective, let's delve into the unique features that differentiate Edda from Zapflow.

CRM platform

Opt for Edda if:

You're in the market for a CRM within deal flow that harmoniously integrates with the overarching investment scene, connecting your relational dynamics, deal evolution, and portfolio specifics.

Edda's sophisticated deal flow framework offers a robust and intuitive CRM tailored for private equity, simplifying relationship management. Edda encompasses all critical CRM features, from data capture to contact management and relationship insights. Its standout feature is the streamlined in-app interactions with LPs, eliminating the need for convoluted email conversations.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You're seeking a comprehensive CRM solution tailored to alternative investments, ensuring enhanced stakeholder communication and streamlined operations.

Zapflow is designed for the unique intricacies of the investment sector, focusing on efficient operations and fostering clear communication among stakeholders. By emphasizing stakeholder engagement and streamlining investment workflows, Zapflow ensures that your team is equipped to manage investments effectively.

Dealflow Management

Opt for Edda if:

You aim to have a seamless perspective on your deal's path, from its commencement to its wrap-up within a singular platform.

Edda provides a holistic view of your full deal pipeline, mapping its progression from the beginning to its finale. This promotes maximal streamlining for peak efficiency. Plus, with Edda, teaming up on deals with colleagues and advisors becomes a breeze.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You're looking for a solution that excels in managing alternative investments, particularly in the realm of private equity.

Zapflow streamlines operations and refines stakeholder communication, offering a dedicated approach to dealflow management. The platform's design ensures that all stakeholders are informed, and every deal is transparently managed, providing professionals with the necessary tools for effective evaluation and decision-making.

Relationship intelligence

Opt for Edda if:

You're looking to easily map connections that reveal hidden opportunities and consolidate your entire professional nexus.

Edda's deal system simplifies the task of identifying connections between firms, LPs, and partners. With this knowledge, you can seamlessly connect key players and discover untapped pathways for introductions and capital ventures.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You want a comprehensive platform that offers insights into your investment network while ensuring efficient relationship management.

Zapflow's CRM capabilities not only ensure multivariable associations and network management but also enrich your data for a clear view of your investment landscape. By focusing on these details, Zapflow allows you to move beyond basic interactions, creating a networked ecosystem that fosters growth and successful investments.

Dealmaking Insights & Updates

Opt for Edda if:

You desire analytics-backed insights to boost investment results and returns.

Edda offers a comprehensive approach to accessing pivotal updates and insights for maximizing gains. Gone are the days of manual slogging for data with Edda. The system instantly evaluates company and fund IRR, tailors reports to unearth key understandings, and easily calculates vital figures such as NAV, DPI, TVPI, and more.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You're looking for a platform that seamlessly combines your investment activities with relationship management for optimized dealmaking.

Zapflow's approach goes beyond mere data collection, integrating deal insights with CRM capabilities. This enables you to understand not just the status of an investment but also the dynamics of the relationships involved. By connecting these dots, Zapflow ensures that each deal you make is backed by well-informed decisions and strengthened relationships.

Portfolio Management

Opt for Edda if:

Comprehensive asset oversight is vital for your transaction software needs.

With Edda, you experience refined and elevated portfolio management. Dive into crucial metrics and cap tables, stay abreast of updates from your portfolio entities, interact effortlessly with company founders, execute comparative value assessments, and explore even further. Edda simplifies and enriches the whole spectrum of portfolio management software.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You're aiming for a platform that prioritizes stakeholder communication within the private equity sector.

While the explicit capabilities around relationship intelligence are not confirmed for Zapflow, its platform is designed with a focus on alternative investments, ensuring operations are streamlined and stakeholder communication is enhanced. This approach provides a solid foundation for relationship management in the investment landscape.

Workflow Automations

Opt for Edda if:

Your goal is to enhance and streamline internal processes to elevate your fund's success.

Edda simplifies the complexities of portfolio management, offering a suite of tools that make oversight effortless. Gain insights from vital metrics and cap tables, keep abreast of news from your portfolio companies, communicate directly with founders, and conduct comparative valuation studies, among other features. Edda paves the way for a more efficient workflow.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You're prioritizing seamless stakeholder communication within the realm of alternative investments.

Zapflow's platform emphasizes the importance of stakeholder relationships in the alternative investment sector. While it's not explicitly mentioned that Zapflow offers workflow automations, its core strengths lie in consolidating operations and enhancing communication channels in the private equity landscape.

Accelerated Due Diligence

Opt for Edda if:

Your goal is to fast-track due diligence tasks, harnessing in-depth data analysis and automated processes to arrive at accurate decisions quickly.

Due diligence in private equity and venture capital can be time-consuming. Edda simplifies this process by providing instant access to company metrics, industry-related data, and comprehensive reviews of founders and their teams. This enables you to assess a broader range of deals more efficiently.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You seek a holistic tool that effortlessly integrates various aspects of the investment process into one cohesive platform.

Zapflow's powerful deal flow management system not only enhances daily collaboration efforts but also underscores the importance of transparency throughout the investment cycle. With Zapflow, you're not only equipped with robust CRM functionalities but also with a streamlined approach to deal initiation, pipeline management, due diligence, and portfolio oversight. 

LP Portal

Opt for Edda if:

You're aiming for heightened transparency and simplified interactions with your partners by granting them direct access to crucial information.

Edda's LP Portal serves as a central gateway for external deal flow coordination. With a focus on clear communication, this portal gives your partners unmatched visibility, strengthens monitoring, simplifies report generation, and centralizes both communication and document sharing in one cohesive space.

Opt for Zapflow if:

You prioritize nurturing and fortifying the GP & LP relationship, emphasizing direct engagement and real-time data access.

Zapflow's LP Portal is a cutting-edge solution tailored to refine GP & LP interactions. By amalgamating vital data, from reporting essentials to relationship management tools, the portal emerges as a comprehensive hub catering to all LP necessities. It champions transparency, simplifies the reporting trajectory, and bolsters communication, ensuring LPs can effortlessly retrieve and comprehend their data.

Edda vs Zapflow Deal Flow Software Pricing Comparison

Certainly, pricing plays a pivotal role when selecting deal flow management software. It's crucial to balance the cost of your private equity deal flow software with the benefits it offers.

The pricing for both Edda and Zapflow is tailored based on your team’s specific size and requirements. Due to this, we can't delve deep into the exact costs of Edda and Zapflow in this piece. For more detailed information, it's recommended to request a demo for either Edda or Zapflow.

Making a Final Decision:

Why Choose Edda over Zapflow Deal Software

When setting your sights on the optimal investment management software, mull over these considerations:

Are you seeking an encompassing solution like Edda, which meticulously merges investor relations CRM with pivotal functionalities, from deal origination and pipeline management to refined investor relations, all encapsulated within a singular platform?

Alternatively, are you inclined towards a platform like Zapflow, grounded in the essence of transparency throughout the investment cycle? A tool that doesn't merely prioritize CRM but also emphasizes fostering robust partnerships and maximizing investment outcomes?

Venturing deeper into your needs, if your ambition is a consolidated platform enhancing everything from deal initiation to robust CRM relationship intelligence, Edda rises as a distinguished contender. Its excellence isn't limited to CRM alone; Edda epitomizes a nexus of features crafted to finesse deal orchestration, pipeline navigation, and amplify relationship insights.






Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and complicated deal oversight with Edda