VC journey explained: plan your steps ahead

There is no better time to start a Venture Capital firm. New technology and innovation is at a fast pace fostering economic growth. LPs are pouring more money in alternative assets. This book is a big picture of the VC industry. It explores the main challenges of building a solid VC from fundraising to exit. For more information on how Kushim can help you, don't forget to book a demo!

What is this for?

Regardless if you are a small or a big fund in the USA, Europe or Asia, this book is for you. It streamlines the pillars of the managerial process in VC firms: fundraising, dealflow, portfolio management until exit.

Why is it useful?

We build this resource to empower VC professionals to:

  • The types of LPs and their mindset before investing
  • Defining your thesis and sell your idea
  • The standard steps during the investment process
  • How to monitor companies KPIs and prepare reporting
  • The paths to exit

Here's a preview of the book: